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Inspirational Women | Interview | Carly Vidal-Wallace

Updated: Mar 11

Country | Australia

Carly is the founder of she.her. the global jewellery marketplace created with a single purpose, to curate the world's most exquisite jewellery onto one platform ready for the tastemakers of the world to love and follow. With a team of powerful women, from Advisory to Shareholders and staff the absolute core of the company has been built around ethics, honesty and care for the creatives, customers and climate alike. Carly built she.her. to be a tribe of connected people around the globe making a difference, it just so happens they all love jewellery.

What was your "ah-ha" moment in life, where you "made-it" and how did you feel?

There have been many stand out moments looking back that all link together mapping out the path that has led me to where I am today. Some moments at the time might not have seemed like a giant success, but the path it led me on has been key. There are three moments that stand out.

Firstly buying and selling property at 19 years old on my own - this essentially led me to be able to afford to live off my profits in my early 20's in Nice, France. I had the time of my life. I met my now husband, fell in love with cheese (and wine and fashion!), I experienced the joy of living in Europe, and officially became "French".

Winning the Telstra Micro Business awards in 2014 when I was General Manager at a fabric and manufacturing business. This experience introduced me to so many amazing people who went on to support, sponsor and help my career path. (Telstra itself was a sponsor of my fashion festival years later).

Followed by circa 2016 I was continuing to push for more fashion networking in my home state of Qld Australia which saw me at a lunch with Edwina McCann Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Australia to discuss the possibilities of the Australian Fashion Chamber in Qld. This one lunch in a roundabout way led me on to so many opportunities. Essentially giving me the courage to go ahead and start a full scale Fashion Festival in my home state.

Lastly moving to Orange County USA and taking on a role working with Not Just a Label. Here I was able to travel to Paris Fashion Week and meet some of the 35,000 designers who were in the design community I was lucky enough to curate. I met with industry leaders Sara Maino from Vogue Italia, lunch with Diane Pernet and Giorgia Cantarini, chatted to Diane Von Furstenberg, interviewed Jimmy Choo - and met so many more vastly talented people. I discovered incredible jewellery designers throughout these years both locally and from around the globe which prompted the "naissance" (birth) of she.her.

NB. As a side note I feel like the adventure continues and there are so many more moments to add to this list.

What are your favourite jewellery pieces that have special value to you?

I have so many, which is probably also another key reason which inspired me to work with jewellery designers. My favourite piece for some time has been the Half Moon Earrings from Nino Sepo, probably my relationship with Nino is also what pushed me to create the website. I want everyone around the globe to see how talented she and so many other designers are. If you look past the mass produced pieces which are owning the media space and explore and invest in talented independent designers, it truly is a way to stand out.

Most sentimental pieces I have, one is a ring with the bright red soil from the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park region (the soil was collected with permission outside of the actual national park area). Having this ring with me when living in different cities around the world, I always felt like I had some of my country with me. I also have a beautiful pearl and diamond white gold brooch that has been handed down from my great grandmother. This was given to me to wear on my wedding day and I still keep it safe in a little matchbox from the 1960's. Of course I have my engagement ring, and wedding band which stands for so much.

I feel so many emotions with my jewellery I could go on and on with all the special pieces I own and love. Each tells a story and most of them have attended some special event or occasion with me. As soon as I wear the piece again those memories come flooding back.

What is your definition of success?

Going to sleep at night content and at peace with yourself, your loved ones and the world. Knowing you did your best today. I used to think success was so many different things, but inner happiness and good health is priceless.

What is something important you would like future generations to grow up knowing?

Be bold and give it a shot! There will be people that will tell you all the reasons why it won't work, you will have friends leave your side, you will have so many naysayers over the years - ignore them. Surround yourself with a tribe of believers you can count on. It is your life so if you are not hurting anyone go after your dreams with all you have; and don't look back. You cannot please everyone. Be true to yourself and live your life to the fullest with no regrets.

A fabulous quote you love?

The world is your oyster.

A favourite song of the moment?

Blackbird - I have always loved Beatles songs! I like this version in particular as it was from the film "I am Sam" which really made me cry. The meaning behind these lyrics from a time of civil unrest in the US is also quite moving.

Top three pieces you are loving on the website at the moment?

This is so hard as obviously I have hand selected all the pieces on the website (with some help from my curation team). I love the gold swirl earring that appeared in Emily in Paris, so simple but such an eyecatcher! I also get mesmerised by the Celestial collection the metal reminds me of waves and nature even though it is made of something so solid, and lastly the enamel work on the blue silver ring - it is just unlike anything I have ever seen. (Links are on all the images - enjoy!)



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