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Collection Focus | Hollow | Angela Ciobanu

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Designer | Angela Ciobanu

Country | Greece

Best Seller | Hollow Ring 3

New Collection | Hollow

I walk through deep corridors and voided chambers of my mind. I am hollow, carved, yet my dreams are sparkles and my words are sweet. And they both deceive. I float among worlds beyond worlds and the further I go, the smaller your world appears. Will you come? Will you come closer?

“HOLLOW. A lie story [capsule collection]” represents a disruptive manner of creating jewellery. Far from being conventional, it brings forward a perspective shift with regard to preciousness and value in jewelley and fashion by using, for the first time in jewellery, innovative non-wovens made entirely out of residues coming from textile and food industries. This results into a series of contemporary objects that push the traditional confines of jewellery, challenging the idea that a piece of jewellery should be just an adornment for the body.

This project was made in full awareness of the needs of the new customers, who are the new skepticals and the game changers of the fashion market, setting new standards in terms of sustainability and consciousness in fashion. Triggered by two major existing problems, the negative impacts of the textile and food industries on the environment and on large groups of people, the jewellery collection brings a new perspective on waste, as the new gold, having creativity as the most important added value to something that would be otherwise voided of any significance.

The project was a partnership between Angela Ciobanu and Innovarty - a tech company based in Spain, responsible for the development of the non-wovens - and it was a recipient of

@worth_project grant.

Photo @hasanbitirim

Styling @alexiaplanaslee

Model @vanessadavidofficial



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