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Designer Focus | Simone Vera Bath | Italy

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Let us know a bit about your background including where you are located in the world and what inspired you to work with jewellery.

I was raised in Berlin which gave me a strong and determined spirit which comes through in all my creations.

My jewelry emanates imperfection, transformation, contrast and playfulness.

This fused with precious and impressive materials give my pieces their unique specialness and, above all individuality. I now work and live in Rome - Italy.

Designer Simone Vera Bath
Designer Simone Vera Bath

What is your jewellery brand most well known for or what are your signature traits?

SVB specially loves rings, always protagonists in her creations in a variety of designs. Her interest is actually focused upon hands and what they can express in body language, sometimes unconsciously. Far more than simple ornaments, rings become often part of the message that hands communicate. They can be used to assert power or status, but also love or fear for the unknown when they are worn as talismans.

Also the shape is something that SVB deals with from unconventional point of views.

Rings that are not circular but rather squared, triangles or other unusual forms.

SVB crafted with a special smearing technique that intentionally leaves it as unfinished, even though actually finished and accomplished in their design. It's the idea that imperfections make the object unique, never exactly replicable. In SVB's concept, minimalism can be transcended going beyond the perfectly polished surfaces and the defectless finishings. The result is an object that has a lived-in appearance but also a contemporary, edgy design. The mythology is always present in SVB's work because related to the topos of the Amazon woman, strong, independent and in free relationship with nature. Her personal approach to creativity in which inspiration is linked to the spiritual positive forces ruling over the universe.

Simone Vera Bath creating jewellery
Simone Vera Bath creating jewellery

How does your jewellery make the person wearing it "feel" ?

People tell me very often that they 'feel stronger', they buy my work often for the 'positive energy they feel come from the pieces'. They love the energy when they wear my work. They also say 'it brings them luck'!

What is your favourite piece you have made/designed or sold? Even if it is no longer for sale. Why was it so special?

The "FEDONE" ring. At first of all the classic one., without carvings and stones,most of all in silver .

In creating the Fedone, I never imagined that they would be purchased most often by women, in that I had always envisaged them as being bought as gifts.

I believe that the Fedone embodies a modern talisman, which in some way expresses a new concept of self. Perhaps this in itself explains a woman's choice to give it to herself rather than wait to receive one. It may be worn according to one's own tastes. Materials used are silver, bronze and gold. There may be carving, insets, or diamonds of varying sizes and cuts, So too for rubies, sapphires, emeralds, opals or semi-precious stones.

Fedone Ring
Fedone Ring

What is a key special moment you have had in your business and how did that feel?

Every key moment was when a jury choose to give me an award (like the time award in Milan) but it was also when some actresses choose a piece of mine and didn't ask for a discount ;-) - and certainly every time when a client gets out of my showroom with a twinkle in his / her eyes .

Where do you design or conduct your business?

I have my showroom in the center of Rome, near at the vatican state. I'm not on street , therefore the clients need to take an appointment with me. its a light big room where i create and run my business, its a flat in the 4th floor so it has a wonderful light the whole day. Here I have my lab and my studio .

Studio of designer Simone Vera Bath
Studio of designer Simone Vera Bath

What is something important/inspirational you would like future generations of women to grow up knowing?

That they become aware to be women, not only one 'part of human being's', that as a woman they are true, and strong and powerful. They are in fact fortunate, intelligent brave women and they can be great role model or mentors for others.

A fabulous quote you use as a mantra in life.

I have two. Firstly is "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo" which is a Buddhist vow, an expression of determination and a pledge to oneself to never give in to difficulties and to try and always overcome one's suffering. Secondly another favorite,

"The internal fragrance will get external protection"

A favourite song you love or favourite music.

Ohh there are too many to name them all! I love soul music from the seventies and eighties!

What media publications have your designs been featured in?

Vogue, Elle, Corriere Della Sera & Christies



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