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Designer Focus | Sarah Ceravolo | Convolo Design | AUS

Let us know a bit about your background including where you are located in the world and what inspired you to work with jewellery.

After studying a bachelor in Fine Art, Metal-smithing with intent of becoming a jeweller, I decided to remain a student and further my studies in Architecture after taking the advice of an architect who saw my work and felt I would benefit from the broad design exposure and education offered in such a discipline. Upon graduating my Masters I had become a mother and starting my practice with jewellery and object pieces was manageable. I now embark on larger scales with great enthusiasm, however I find designing and working with such intricate detail in jewellery to be a passion and a pleasure.

Sarah Ceravolo - Designer

What is your jewellery brand most well known for or what are your signature traits?

Convolo Design is well known for creating collections based on unique creative perspectives and development while attempting to reflect the zeitgeist in each collection. Using and exploring new mediums and material fabrication methods such as 3D printing, allows CD to realise imaginative and esoteric concepts. Creating work that reflects processes used in designing for architecture and scalability is also an obvious trait of this brand. Convolo Design works meticulously on collections that explore and manipulate design elements and materials, producing unique and considered collections biannually.

How does your jewellery make the person wearing it "feel" ?

Convolo Design creates pieces that allow the wearer to express their unique personality, therefore making one feel confident and noticed.

What is your favourite piece you have made/designed or sold? Even if it is no longer for sale. Why was it so special?

My favourite would be the Jenem Bangle from the collection 'Tango of the Minimal Surface' as it was the first I ever made for Convolo Design and the one I wore the most.

enem Bangle from the collection 'Tango of the Minimal Surface'

What is a key special moment you have had in your business and how did that feel?

I found it really special to have people randomly send me personal emails to tell me how much they love the piece they purchased or received as a gift. It is truly rewarding knowing that people are wearing and enjoying my work as it is a super personal item and an intimate connection the work makes on my behalf.

Where do you design?

II work where ever and whenever I feel inspired, there is no routine in designing for me, it is all about inspiration and timing. Most of the work I have ever designed has been while observing nature, sitting in an rt gallery or in a bustling cafe.

What is something important/inspirational you would like future generations to grow up knowing?

Never underestimate your own, or anyone else's, potential to impact the world.

A fabulous quote you use as a mantra in life.

"The future is a collaboration" Sarah Ceravolo.

A favourite song of the moment? Immortal - Wyclef Jean



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