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Designer Focus | Nino Sepo | Georgia

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Let us know a bit about your background including where you are located in the world and what inspired you to work with jewellery.

I am based in Tbilisi, Georgia. After graduation at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, for 5 years I worked as fashion designer, (fashion installations & womenswear). In 2016 I started working on jewelry for myself as I found it to be the perfect medium to express myself in the world. NOW in 2022 my jewelry for me is my language to translate all my feelings visions and everything I want to say.

Designer Nino Sepo
Designer Nino Sepo

What is your jewellery brand most well known for or what are your signature traits?

For me MY Brand signature is related to stories. IT IS a "storyteller" brand. Maybe for someone it's about forms and shapes but for me it's about people and their stories.

How does your jewellery make the person wearing it "feel" ?

Wearing statement jewelry is not only about the look or accessories which makes your look complete. When you are wearing jewelry with its own story and its own energy, it makes you feel special and when you feel like this then you look also special.

What is your favourite piece you have made/designed or sold? Even if it is no longer for sale. Why was it so special?

For me as an artist each piece is very special, our jewelry is not only a product for me. I remember every little detail about every working process for each piece. For me every piece is part of me, so it's really hard to say, but I will share with you our "best seller" for over 4 years. These earrings are so simple with its shape but in this minimalism keeps so much depth and energy.

What is a key special moment you have had in your business and how did that feel?

It was my first step into the fashion world with my graduation collection called "caucasian frame". It was about women in caucasia, their past, traditions and place in the contemporary world. My collection was published in Vogue Italia as "our choice for the best project" by VOGUE TALENTS. It was my first ever work and so to have it recognised and published in this way was a very special moment. It gave me so much strength, energy and faith to keep progressing forwards towards my dreams.

Where do you design?

I am working on my designs in my studio which I have at home in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is a little funny but I still work with pencils and paper with my sketches. After this design process I collaborate with different factories where we work together at bringing the product to life from my sketch.

Nino Sepo Design Inspiration Work Space
Nino Sepo Design Inspiration Work Space

What is something important/inspirational you would like future generations to grow up knowing?

For me it is very important to the future generation to "Dream Big" and that "There is no limit to what we can dream about and strive towards".

A fabulous quote you use as a mantra in life.

Dream big, work hard:)

A favourite song you love.

Georgians have really fantastic songs, so I love to sing them but I am so bad at singing so I prefer to listen! The last few months I have been listening to Carmen's Arias by Maria Callas (my favourite!)

What media publications have your designs been featured in?

Vogue Italy, Vogue Paris, Bazzar Russia, Elle Kazakhstan & Basic Magazine



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