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Designer Focus | Lauren Besser | Maripossa | USA

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Let us know a bit about your background including where you are located in the world and what inspired you to work with jewellery.

I am based between the US/New York and Aus/Melbourne. I started working with jewellery when I founded Maripossa. My processes, skills and aesthetic naturally evolved over the years.

Designer Lauren Besser - Maripossa
Designer Lauren Besser - Maripossa

What is your jewellery brand most well known for or what are your signature traits?

My brand is most well known for being hand made, intricate yet contemporary.

How does your jewellery make the person wearing it "feel" ?

Like a Queen :)

What is your favourite piece you have made/designed or sold? Even if it is no longer for sale. Why was it so special?

A commission for a dear friend to honour a significant loss. It was a deeply moving journey and I was given complete creative license utilising gold and diamonds from family heirlooms. It was a true honour.

What is a key special moment you have had in your business and how did that feel?

There have been so many and I'm grateful for all of them. Being interviewed and shot for Vogue during the early stages of my career was a wild moment. Receiving the Young Designer Award at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, having my work worn by Rihanna, requests for custom pieces for Lenny Kravitz (I said no!) and all of the incredible people I have been fortunate to meet and work with along the way has been a blessing.

Where do you design?

In Melbourne and New York. My space in Melbourne is very utility focused, with some art and plants for good measure. It's compact and minimal. My space in NY is a work in progress.

Maripossa Design Work Space
Maripossa Design Work Space

What is something important/inspirational you would like future generations to grow up knowing?

Never underestimate your own, or anyone else's, potential to impact the world.

A fabulous quote you use as a mantra in life.

Feelings are more important than thoughts but your head creates your world.

What media publications have your designs been featured in?

Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, Cleo, Russh, Grazia, Oyster, The Age, Elle, i-D, Black Mag, Fashion Journal, Faint, The Sunday Life, Fashion Trend, Laud Mag, Intent Journal, Factice Mag, OE Mag, Fallen, Annabelle, Vue Berlin, MBFW Mag, & Frankie.



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